Buying house from council?

If you are interested in buying your council property under the Right to Buy scheme, we can arrange mortgage for you.

Your right to buy-Lets make it happen..

If you have been living in a council property for over two years, you may be eligible to purchase the property you are living in. This may be a great opportunity and chance for some to attain their own property.  This right to buy scheme allows you to purchase the property you are currently living in at a heavily discounted price.

Please note the applications for the Right to Buy scheme, (RTB) are still available for council tenants across England and Wales.  However, this scheme has now unfortunately drawn to an end across Scotland and Ireland.

For some this can potentially be a much better option than renting.  When buying an RTB property you will not require a deposit. Our advisors are experts in right to buy mortgages and the advice given is tailored to meet your needs.  We will compare the market to offer the best possible interest rate and have a wide range of top lenders under our panel.  

We obtain and complete all the necessary paperwork required to submit your RTB mortgage application.  We communicate regularly with the lender and solicitor at every step to ensure that the mortgage process goes through smoothly.  Here at FastTrack our admin team will keep you updated on the progress of your application.